Sushi restaurant in Nordhavn, CopenhagenDesigned and produced by Stokholm Normark in 2019

Behind the work and collaboration with head chef Mads Battefeld for our project ‘Sushi Anaba’ lays the shared enthusiastic interest in Japan, its culture and appreciation of quality, tranquillity,minimalism and timeless design. The contrasts within the restaurant make it a dynamicatmosphere to be present in, with its raw materials, the concrete floor meeting the massive sushicounter in solid wood.

This type of interior design is getting more and more popular, especially the philosophy of usinglocal goods, which also inspired us to make the whole interior out of a single Danish Douglas logfrom Langesø forest in Funen.

Throughout the whole project, the main focus has been on the dining guests and their gastronomicexperience, stimulating all senses, both visually and orally. The two key elements in the interiordesign of Sushi Anaba is the wood with its glow and the hard, solid contrete floor that greets theguests upon entering the restaurants first room, a spartanic decorated foyer with its radiatorshidden behind Japanese inspired covers.

The guests are met with the same aesthetics as they walk into the main restaurant. Here, in the center of the room, the massive counter with viewing to the harbor, creates a sense of nature, calmness and simplicity. At the back of the room, there is a longstairway, leading through the Shoji doors to the Tatami room, which is a private dining space.

The Tatami room is decorated after Japanese tradition with seating arrangement featuring a lowtable set on tatami flooring on special designed mats. Through one of the sliding doors, leadinginto the hall and the toilets, the same two-dimensional design and aesthetic presents itself to theguests, never compromising on the total experience of dining at Sushi Anaba.