Maretopia is an artist collective initiated by artist Jens Evaldsson, based in Liljeholmen. Maretopia explores the potential for the waters of Stockholm. Their idea is to create a floating culture and eco-village on rafts, anchored just outside Färgfabriken. The first raft was built of left-over materials from the urban development exhibition Stockholm on the Move, that took place at Färgfabriken 2013.

Three rafts outside of Färgfabriken are the result of the course “small building floating utopia” within the Interior Architecture and Furniture Design program at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design. The five week long course focused on floating utopias and was led by lecturers Sergio Montero Bravo and Rochus Hinkel, in collaboration with Maretopia. The course included a seminar series about water and methods in design anthropology which was organised with the help of Sara Reinholtz by Interaktiva Institutet. The students developed a vision of a floating culture house for which they then started to manufacture and build a theatre scene and an audience platform as well as a pedalboat. The rafts were launched on June 5th in Gröndal opposite to Färgfabriken.