Since 2018, the duo Stokholm Normark have been working together professionally, designing products and carried out assignments for several restaurants in Copenhagen, including Sushi Anaba, Alchemist and At The Counter. Andrea and Anton have travelled a lot in connection with their respective studies, including several trips to Japan, where they during their stay received education from Japanese masters in regard to the traditional and unique craftsmanship techniques, Kumiko and Shoji.

The driving force behind Stokholm Normark is the common belief and interest in craftsmanship, functionality and great design. Their close collaboration from start to finish makes it possible for the duo to challenge each other creatively thus making each project unique. Stokholm Normark works with a wide range of customers, all of whom have specific wishes and the many different projects throughout the years have had a positive influence, especially working with creative tasks within the gastronomic sector.

Stokholm Normark works with everything from design to production of interior and to the very object that completes the space. Everything is tailored to meet the needs of the customer.

Bror Anton Normark

Interior architect & furniture designer


Andrea Stokholm

Cabinetmaker & kumiko craft woman‭