We want to renew the art of making interior and furniture. To put the craft back at the centre of the design process. We work closely together with design and manufacturing from start to finish. This gives a result that has a long life in terms of construction, function and aesthetic.



Sushi restaurant in Nordhavn.

Photo by Mads Krabbe


Coffe bar located in Bopa plads in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

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  • Location Andrea Stokholm Møbelsnedker
  • Melchiorsvej 12, 2920 Charlottenlund
  • Time saturday 10 - 16, sunday 10 - 16
  • Included in the course fee is:
    All materials (wood, Washi paper and light (Philips Hue LED strip)
    Lunch Saturday and Sunday
    Coffee/Tea, cake, fruit both days
  • Language Danish, English

Kumiko is a traditional Japanese technique. Thin wooden strips are cut and planed in angles to make all the different parts fit in the exact geometrical form for the particular Kumiko-pattern. In Japan Kumiko is used for decorating Shoji doors (Japanese sliding doors) and walls but is also used for lamps, as art decoration etc.

As participant in this Kumiko course you will be introduced to the Kumiko technique and learn how to use the special Japanese hand tools. You will also learn the application of planing templates.

The focus will be on how to use the Japanese hand tools, Kanna (plane), Nokogiri (Japanese saw) and Nomi (Japanese chisels). This combined with the precision needed for the execution of Kumiko as craft.
In this course you will also learn how to assemble a square base-grid and how to adjust a planing template in order to plane the wooden strips in the angles to fit the chosen Kumiko pattern.

This two-days weekend course is both for those with and without carpentry experience.
Enthusiasm for woodwork is all you need together with your wanting to create your own Kumiko Lamp.   

Available tools at the Kumiko Course:
Japanese saw
Small Japanese plane
3mm chisel
Marking knife
150mm steel ruler
90 degree angle gauge

Participation is at your own risk and all participants are responsible for their own insurance. 

Please note that the registration is binding for the Kumiko courses. No refund of fee.

All Kumiko courses are held by Cabinetmaker Andrea Stokholm and Architect Anton Normark
At melchiorsvej 12, 2920 Charlottenlund